**Private Instruction:

Philadelphia Area

New to Yoga?
Start at the beginning. Learn the fundamentals of yoga practice, privately and at your own pace, before ever stepping foot into a public class.

Special Consideration?
We're all made of the same stuff, but all put together a little bit differently. Every path, at some point, has it's bumps and ruts. Navigate your specific challenges with personalized guidance.

Experienced Yogi?
Private instruction, when paired with an established practice, can help deepen one's experience and understanding, while fine tuning toward more specific intentions. One-on-one sessions can also safely support the development of a personal yoga practice, or one's return to practice after injury, pregnancy, or other hiatus.

New to Meditation?
For sure, meditation is a solitary practice, but a supportive guide into uncharted territory (even your own inner landscape) can help alleviate some anxiety right from the start. The rest is one step at a time.

Contact me here for more details and reservations.

*Prices may vary slightly depending on number of participants and travel time/distance.

Gift Certificates for Private Sessions are available and make great gifts!

**Cancellation policy: You may cancel or reschedule a session 24 hours prior to the session. Full payment is required if you cancel with less than 24 hour notice.

Photo by Andrew Schwartz